Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 hours!

Hey guys, you are gonna be shocked! I had to wait around a year after I could overcome one of the biggest traumas of my whole life and be able to write about it and worst of all, show you these horrible pictures. Anyway, it's all part of My Pooch Life, so it has to be registered here.
I'm not sharing a quick and miraculous weight loss program here! Sorry, it only works for hairy people like me!
So, one year ago, Mama and Daddy decided to try a new groomer and a new summer haircut for me. They were thinking "puppy cut" but, one thing they didn't realize is that my neck is way too long and I'm a big Shih Tzu and no way a "puppy cut" would suit me but, I have no voice in this house so they didn't need my approval to go ahead and give me this awful haircut. After I left the salon, no joking, it looked like I lost 10 pounds in only 3 hours!

BEFORE: Fluffy and cute

AFTER: Looking sick and undernourished.

Daddy was so excited to see me that he asked Mama to wait at the salon near the train station where he gets off from work so they both could walk me home showing off my new cut. After they saw me, I don't think they liked the way I looked but, they tried their best not to make me feel bad, but it didn't work because I did feel terrible!
I didn't even wanna walk! I was sitting all the time! My butt was shaved so bald it hurt so bad!
My only consolation was knowing that my hair wouldn't let me down and that hopefully within a year I'd be back to Old Fluffy Me. And it did a great job of growing fast in just 3 months so I wouldn't look anorexic anymore!
Ok, right now I'm the hairiest and the cutest I've ever been and no more "puppy cuts" for me!
Do people think I'm hot in Chicago summer? The summer here is a joke! I'd better be prepared for the winter, because winters here are no joke! And nothing is gonna stop my hair from growing until I decide that I want a new look. Be warned Mama & Daddy, no more haircut decisions before my approval!

Here are some more pics of me. Mama put my sunglasses on in an attempt to make me look cuter but she failed BIIIG time. Sorry about the way I look in these pics but don't worry, I'm far from looking this skinny and I'm back to Old Fluffy Me!
Thank God for my hair!

"Wooftop" petting event

It was one of my exciting summer outings last year. The rooftop of the Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society hosted a summer event that both Mama & Dad, especially Dad got really motivated to go because he thought there was going to be a display of woofies for him to pet...
When we got there around 11:00 AM, it was nothing like Dad was expecting; it was just a lot of food stalls selling both human and woof foods and treats, some loud music, a radio station was there giving away freebies and of course, Dad got the chance to pet some friendly woofs, most of them were nice and let him do it.

There were several different kinds of woofies including a very strange one: a huge two-legged blue and white doggie that Mama found interesting and asked him to be photographed with us. She didn't need to speak WOOF to him, just English and he got it! He must also be a smart doggie!

Daddy got me some free doggie ice-cream and even though I was really hot and thirsty, I didn't care for it at all. So Daddy gave it to another woofie.

Then I saw a red bowl of water and thought Yipee! I'm gonna quench my thirst right there! Once I started drinking someone else got his face in there too... Hey mate, I can barely get a drink now that your whole face is in the bowl! I told him to wait for his turn, but he's not polite or respectful and carried on drinking... Some people just don't know how to behave in public... so rude!

Now that he's gone, let me get my drink very fast...

Before this sausage doggie gets in the bowl too!

Next, I saw some wet doggies and water on the floor so I went to see what they were doing.

They were cooling off in a mini swimming pool full of rubber duckies but, I didn't feel like going inside after I saw the Ballerina Poodle monopolizing the whole pool! How ridiculous!

Yuck, she was drinking that water.... ewwwww!

Look at her! Does she think she's sexy in this tutu? Poor lady...

Well, although I was bothered by some people during the event, I really enjoyed being outside for a few hours with my lovely parents.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My new house/observatory

I'm so happy it's summer! YAY! And I am so proud to show you guys my new house/observatory. Well, it's new to you but to me it's getting old. Mama bought this online for me last summer because she was sick and tired of setting up my old observatory in the balcony whenever I wanted to take a peek outside.
Now it looks like we've found a solution...only 2 little problems...
What was the house builder thinking when he attached those steps to it? That I am the size of a squirrel? Honestly, not even the tiniest tea cup Yorkie would be able to climb up those steps.

Now look at this door, how many pounds do I have to shed in order to walk through it? :(

So, we had to make some adptations and the first one was replace those ridiculously narrow steps with a decent, though made out of plastic, ugly-looking set of steps.

Ok, no I can go up to the rooftop and that's what matters to me. I don't wanna be inside this house and never will, once I have so many interesting things out in the street to look at from my own rooftop!

Or...just close my eyes and enjoy the sun... Oooh how much I looooove summer!
Have a great summer peeps and enjoy it while it lasts!